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The Shakespeare Watercolor Painting Class by Carolyn Havrilla Watercolor classes

Thursdays in January 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Class dates are January 12th, 19th, 26th, February 2nd, 9th, & 16th.
Age: Teens and up
$150.00 for 6 weeks.

Breakdown of class by week:

  1. Much Ado About Nothing – Dribble, scribble and scrabble – explore line, scribble drawing, and composition.
  2. Romeo and Juliet – water and paint lovers to the end. Learn to load paint onto the brush and water on the paper.
  3. Taming of the Shrew – Learn how to control the paint and water and teach them respect for the white spaces.
  4. As You Like It – Bring in photos, magazines clippings, or images that you would like to paint.
  5. Comedy of Errors – More painting mistakes and triumphs. New images encouraged
  6. All’s Well That Ends Well – More painting fun!

Why Shakespeare? As an artist and an avid reader, I have great respect for the genius of literary minds. Lessons that I have learned from literature when properly considered continue to carry me through every adventure in life. Whether a novice at watercolor or just looking for a new perspective on style, join us for six evenings of painting escapades. It just might seem like Twelfth Night(s.)

About the Artist and teacher
Carolyn Bruno Havrilla
A Bucks County Impressionist by birth, training, and tradition, her affinity for art showed early winning her first blue ribbon at the Yardley Clothesline ArtShow for Youth. She then trained privately under Judy Wagner, AWS, formerly of Bucks County. It was during these years that she developed not only the wet-on-wet watercolor technique that is her signature, but also her drawing skills and love of color, movement, and the captivating Bucks County landscape. Formally trained in both the USA and Italy with a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art, this autodidactic and faith-filled artist grows and expands her skills as she unsheathes the essence of nature’s creations. She works mostly for a commission.

Havrilla now also paints in oil in tribute to her beloved friend, and one-time student, the nationally recognized “Pennsylvania School” artist, Evelyn Faherty (1919-2015.) They spent more than 15 years painting side-by-side, Faherty in oil and Havrilla in watercolor. Havrilla is very proud of these intimate painting outings and is humbled every time she recalls Evelyn’s words:

“You’re the best darn watercolorist I’ve ever seen, Carolyn, keep going!”



NHAL Workshop with Ricardo Barros

Sat., Feb. 4, 2017

lecture/discussion on reading visual imagery, NOT about technical stuff, they are about observation, synthesis, articulation, and creativity.  Ricardo is interested in what people photograph, and why. We try to understand why it matters.



at St. Martin of Tours Church school, room 107

1 Riverstone Circle (off Rt. 179/W. Bridge St. between Staples and New Hope High School), New Hope 

You may pay on our website via PayPal.
 All payments should go through PayPal. Ignore the "donation" part of the PayPal button.  Add the appropriate dollar amount for the workshop.

 join today to get the member price.  See the "Membership" page.

Make checks payable to NHAL 
Mail to:
Diane DeAngelis
1326 Durham Road
New Hope, PA 18938

Please note: your reservation is not confirmed until we have your fee.


The Chiaroscuro & the Ambiguity in Gloom: Poetry in Painting

Patrick Connors workshop this past winter 




 Invitation to NHAL members from member artist/ instructor: EdLetven

Fill ins for one or two  classes in painting this month 

 Ed’s  Studio 1400 needs 
 artists needed  for regular classes 
Studio’s maximum number of artists …. four 
 Work in Watercolor, Oil or Acrylic

Price : $50. per 3 hour class. Take one class or two. 

Subjects: Still life , landscape, abstract  (your choice) 

Studio 1400 is in Abington,PA about 2 miles south of the Willow Grove Entrance of the Turnpike
on Route 611. About a 45 minutes from New Hope. Call for directions.

Class begins at 10 am to 1:30 pm . Bring a brown bag lunch. 

Coffee and beverages supplied.

Call 215 885 1131  or cell 267 735 7233
You can :
- bring existing work to get help in finishing it. 
 - just bring your paints and work from a large selection of photographs from Ed’s 
studio collection. 

How can Ed help you?
Emphasis on plein air and impressionistic styles and specific help in bringing a troublesome
painting to a more harmonious conclusion.

 Ed’s website <> 
Review his resume, and four galleries of his paintings.  Note: he has lectured and given talks at NHAL meetings.


Paintmeilene@gmail.comComputer Classes for Artists  

Inexpensive, Personal attention, Easy -

Computer Basics, Beginner Photoshop, Intro to Word and Excel, Continuing Word and Excel, Private Lessons and Edit Your Photos Open Studio. Use the contact us form to inquire. Class sizes are small so you get all the attention you need. Minimum class size is 2, Max is 6.



Below are a few other services that I can offer. All of them are computer related and based on requests I've gotten. Feel free to contact me at any time. These services are scheduled either Monday Mornings or Fridays, or, at my convenience in between in the case of some services not requiring your presence.



·         If you have a new computer, can't figure out how to use a part of your computer or do something specific, such as:

·         Got Windows 7 from Windows XP, got a Windows Tablet or don't know how to use CAFE or ENTRY THINGY, etc.

·         Just need an overview of Photoshop or emailing attachments, or setting up Outlook, or using Excel to keep track of your art shows or a budget or how to create a flyer or do Mail Merges in Microsoft Word, this is the instruction you need.

·         You get 3 hours one on one.

·         Bring your laptop or tablet and I'll walk you through it.

·         3 Hours, date/time to be determined, Monday or Friday, My House only.

 I WILL EDIT YOUR PHOTOS FOR YOU, $25/hour, 3 hours minimum

·         You can give me your photos on a CD or Memory Stick and I will open them in Photoshop and edit them for brightness, contrast, cropping, size, rotating and naming.

·         Photo size will be for art show submission sizing.

·         I will do this at my home on my time.

·         I will give you an estimate of how long it will take. 1-100 photos will take about a week,

·         1-500 photos will require several weeks to a month.

·         I keep track of time spent.

·         You only pay for time spent with a deposit of 3 hours.


PAYMENT OPTIONS: Payment is required to hold your place in class

·         CASH

·         CHECK

·         CREDIT CARD


  Sign up today!  Contact: Ilene Rubin:


·           Class must be paid in full to hold your place.

·           Because each class is built upon the ability to fill the class, there is no refund once classes begin as your spot has been held for you. If we don't meet the minimum class size, your payment will be refunded.

·          Class time is firm. Please arrive a few minutes early to be ready to go by the start time.

·          The rule of thumb is:  WATCH FIRST, TRY LATER. LISTEN FIRST, ASK LATER. Most of the time, we just need to know which buttons to push. If you don’t watch, you won’t see. If you try it before you’ve been taught, you’ll just get lost. So put the mouse down and watch first. There’s plenty of time to try it yourself.

·          You will not always use your own computer. Sometimes you will watch and other times, you will do it on your computer. You will learn more by seeing how something is done rather than doing something while an explanation is being given, thus missing how to do it.

·          Note taking is not necessary.  It will be more important that you listen and watch then trying to write while an explanation is being given. You will be given reference materials with everything discussed in class so you won’t miss a thing.

·          All Costs include Reference Materials

·          Classes are given in the comfort of a smoke free home setting... so it's not intimidating. (I have dogs - noisy at first, then calm as could be)