Red Bridge at Delaware Canal State Park. 11x17 Oil on linen board.
Bowman’s Wild Flower Preserve. 11x17. Oil on linen board.
Maine Dinghy. 14x11. Oil on linen board.
Squirrel Island Maine. 12x16. Oil on linen board.
Wellfleet, MA. Oil on cardboard.

Jennifer Braxton


Jennifer Braxton is a recent Bucks County resident, originally from Chester County, Pennsylvania. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Philosophy from Hamilton College, and after raising a couple of boys while working in advertising and communications, has been devoting time and energy to her art.

In addition to painting scenery from Chester and Bucks Counties, Jennifer is drawn to the beautiful New England seascapes found in Cape Cod and Maine. Her work shows her fascination with shadow and light, reflection and color. She is a member of Artist’s of Yardley, Artsbridge, and New Hope Art League.

“Ever since I can remember, creating art has been a great love, and a place where I find sustenance, rejuvenation and peace. I think about painting all the time. I paint because I enjoy the emotional and physical process of moving an image from heart and mind to canvas. It gives me immense satisfaction to capture the beauty that surrounds me.

When something strikes me as beautiful or interesting, I immediately begin the process of translating what I see and how I feel into art. I often take photographs to preserve the moment, as it is not unusual for me to think about an image or scene for months, or even years, before attempting to express it in a painting. I see beauty everywhere – from the simplicity of an ordinary object, to the awe inspiring majesty of the natural world.

My paintings refer to a specific place and time and are faithful to the reality of the moment, and yet none is realistic in the truest sense of the word. My goal is to consistently produce original art that expresses my vision of beauty as well as my love of, and respect for, the natural world.”