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How to photograph your artwork and resize for show specifications



 How to Take Photos of Artwork 9-19-11.docx


To make your photographs the correct size using the "Paint" program do the following steps:

- In your "Pictures" folder double click on the image you want

- It opens in Windows Photo Viewer

- Click "Open" and the "Paint"  (the image maybe too big for your screen so go to "View" tab and zoom out

- Click on "Home" tab

- Resize

- Click the empty circle by "Pixels", put in 1920 in the longest side of your image

- Click "O.K."

- Click the top left tab and "Save As" a jpeg

- Name image with your last name, first name, title, medium and (1 or 2 for) entry number

- Save to Desktop, where you can then easily find it later.



In Photoshop Elements, here's how to do it.
1) Press 'open'. Choose your file and open it. On the upper right side are 2 buttons. 'Quick Fix' and 'Standard Edit'. Choose Standard Edit. Along the left hand side should be several icons. Open the 'crop' tool  by pressing the little crop icon. If you don't know which one that is, put your curser over each icon and the name of it should appear.
2) Crop your image  by pressing on the corner markers and bringing it in to the edge of the painting. That will erase all traces of the frame or background.
3) Edit your photo so it looks as close as possible to your painting. Use the  'Image and  'Enhance areas to fix your photo.  Adjust the lighting, contast, saturation and color as you normally would. Remember!!!!! If your painting is chosen for the show, your painting will be compared to the photograph so if you edit the photo, make it realistic!!!! If they don't look the same and your painting looks 'enhanced' your painting will be rejected from the show, so, BE CAREFUL!
4) To resize your photo: Choose 'Image. Choose  'Resize'. Choose  'Image Size'. In the area for 'Document Size', change the Resolution to 300. Do not touch the width and height above it. Now go to  the top of the box to the 'Pixel  Dimensions'. You will see Width and Height. Whichever number is bigger,  highlight it and type in the number 1920  to change the size of the photo. Press enter. The other side will  automatically adjust.
5) Choose 'File' 'Save As' Save the file to a place where you will remember where it is and can easlity find it, like your desktop. Choose your file name the same as with the other programs, as follows: Last name, first name, title, medium and the number 1 or 2  (which represents if this photo is the first or second submission), then .jpg  So it would be: DoeJaneMyPaintingTitleOilPainting1.jpg. 

In Gimp (free Photoshop-type program from
1) Open file in your photo files.
This will open 2 boxes; the editing box and the Tool box.
2)On the Toolbox, choose the 'crop tool'.
The icon looks like an xacto knife. Crop the photo so there's no trace of the frame or background.
3)On the editing box, choose 'colors'. Choose 'curves'.
You will use this to make sure your photo lijlilvlooks very much like the actual painting, in the lighting, brightness, etc. Once you choose 'curves', another box will open. It will have a graph, and a line from upper right to lower left. There will be a crosshair when you move your mouse. Place your curser onto the line. With your mouse button pushed in (just like if you were highlighting text), move the line in a curve, up, down, to the right or left--while watching the photograph-- until it looks like your painting. Release the mouse button--that will 'set' the changes. You can then move another part of the line if you want. Lighten, darken, contrast, color, will all adjust when you push in your mouse button and it will 'set' the changes when you release your mouse button. You can always choose 'edit' and then 'undo' if you don't like the result. So long as you don't save it, you can go back, etc, until the changes get to the point where they make the photograph look the closest to what your painting looks like. Remember!!!!! If your painting is chosen for the show, your painting will be compared to the photograph to make it realistic!!!! If they don't look the same and your photograph is 'enhanced' your painting will be rejected from the show, so, BE CAREFUL!
OK, now it's time to make sure the size is correct.
4) Choose 'Image'. Choose 'Scale Image'. In the box next to 'X Resolution', replace the number that's there with '300'. Press 'Enter.' You will see that the Y resolution has matched the number 300. Next, go to the top of where it says, Image Size - Width and Height. Whichever is the biggest number, change it to 1920 and press 'enter'. The other measurement will adjust. Press the 'scale' button.
5) Lastly, save in the correct format: Press 'File' and then 'Save As'. At the top of the screen, next to 'Name', enter in the following;
Last name, first name, title, medium, the number 1 or 2 which represents the first or second submission, and then .jpg. So it would be DoeJaneMyPaintingTitleOilPainting1.jpg.
That's it! Oh, P.S.-- remember where you save it so you can find it again! Maybe save it to your desktop.



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